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About psychosocial consequences of disturbing events

Disasters, crisis, war, and violence have psychosocial consequences for people and society. Impact Magazine focuses on the knock-on effects of such shocking events.  Offering insights from a diversity of disciplines, it makes these topics accessible to a wide audience. This puts Impact Magazine at the intersection of psychology, history, and contemporary social developments.

Impact Magazine focuses on a broad group of professionals interested in such recurring topical themes as psychotrauma, psychosocial support after disasters and crises, and the impact of war, persecution, and violence. Thanks to the expertise accumulated since 1945 in the field of care for war victims, Impact Magazine also devotes much attention to the impact of the Second World War, and how these lessons can be translated to contemporary social issues.

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Editorial team:

Nienke Smit

Editorial coordinator and visuals editor
Marleen van de Ven

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Bart Nauta
Lucia Hoenselaars
Arjen van Lil

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Ingrid van Assouw
Lonneke Lenferink
Annemiek Gringold
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