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ARQ Academy | Training for healthcare professionals

ARQ provides supplementary and refresher training for healthcare professionals at home and abroad. We want to share our expertise on diagnostics and treatment of psychotrauma and PTSD as widely as possible so that as many people as possible receive good (preventive) psychotrauma care if they need it.

We also share our knowledge with professionals who deal with psychotrauma and PTSD in their day-to-day work, and who work with specific target groups such as refugees, asylum seekers, families and children, the police and veterans. 

Using the scientific research that ARQ professors and PhD students conduct in cooperation with various universities enables us to share the most up-to-date insights in the field of psychotrauma. We are able to share knowledge by collaborating with specialised and experienced practitioners at ARQ. We also collaborate with national and international experts from other institutions and universities at home and abroad.

For more information please contact: academy@arq.org

ARQ IVP | Training and advice for organisations

Working under stressful conditions for long periods, being confronted with disturbing events or aggression at work; the impact of work can lead to (increased) stress and reduced resilience.

We provide training and advice to organisations with a high risk of work situations having a psychological impact on people. Our training courses and workshops increase awareness of the impact of traumatic events, thus enabling people to deal with them independently and more effectively.

Contact us for more information: training@arq.org

ARQ International | Training in conflict and post-conflict areas

ARQ also provides training and workshops in low- and middle-income countries impacted by war and humanitarian disasters. We support healthcare professionals in conflict-stricken areas by providing specialised mental health and psychosocial care (MHPSS) interventions. Our training is always tailored to the local context and needs.

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