Train-the-Trainer Training

ARQ trains organisations in Mind-Spring outside the Netherlands according to a train-the-trainer concept. Mind-Spring training is given in pairs: by a trainer (expert by experience) who brings their own culture and language into the training and a mental health professional who is experienced in group treatment and, if applicable, in working with children. 

The train-the-trainer course is offered to both the trainer (expert by experience) and the mental health professional. 

Mind-Spring training 

There are several train-the-trainer courses:  

  • Mind-Spring for adults

  • Mind-Spring for children

  • Mind-Spring for adolescents

  • Mind-Spring for educators

The Mind-Spring train-the-trainer course is a combination of theory and practice. The aim of the training is for Mind-Spring participants to gain insight into the development of psychosocial problems and learn what they themselves can do to prevent social problems and psychological symptoms.  

Topics covered include:  

  1. normal reactions to abnormal events   

  2. understanding stress and stress symptoms and how to manage stress  

  3. dealing with thoughts that influence stress

  4. loss, grief and bereavement

  5. identity and changed identity

  6. cultural differences

  7. taking the leap into the future by looking back and saying goodbye 

In addition, there is a lot of focus on: 

  • Imagery: the Mind-Spring programme makes extensive use of insightful exercises, with the aim of making participants aware of their own processes and learning how to regain control of their own lives.

  • Trainer skills: how to create a good group dynamic? 

  • Self-care: as a trainer, how do I continue to take good care of myself while caring for others?

  • Collaboration: how can the mental health trainer and the trainer collaborate in their own language and culture?

Besides providing tools to deal with stress and relate to one's own identity, Mind-Spring training courses for children and adolescents also cover the themes:  

  • my qualities and strengths 

  • looking for and finding support 

  • culture and cultural differences

  • my positive future 

The parenting support training focuses on providing support for parenting in two cultures. 

ARQ has delivered the train-the-trainer training in Denmark, Belgium, the UK and Germany. 


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