Management and Supervision

ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre is a holding company with various subsidiaries. The Board of Directors is entrusted with the management of ARQ. The Supervisory Board of ARQ oversees the management. 

ARQ is the National Psychotrauma Centre, a group of organisational units and departments in the Netherlands that have pooled their knowledge and experience in the field of psychotrauma. Besides ARQ, the group consists of ARQ Centrum'45 and ARQ IVP.  
In addition, there are two foundations associated with ARQ: 'Stichting 1940-1945' and 'Stichting Pelita'. These organisations are under the same management and supervision as ARQ.  

Read more about the origins and structure of our organisation. Read about what we do and what we are proud of in our annual review.  

Board of Directors  

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing ARQ and consists of Melina Kappeyne van de Coppello-Rakic (Chair of the Board of Directors) and Ate Osinga (member of the Board of Directors). The Board of Directors determines the strategic policy: the course of our organisation. Together with all our staff, we work towards ARQ's mission

Board of Directors ARQ
(left to right) Melina Kappeyne van de Coppello-Rakic and Ate Osinga

Supervisory Board   

The Supervisory Board oversees policy and serves as advisory and sounding board for the Board of Directors and is the employer of the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board consists of Ms Khadija Arib (chairman), Prof. Misa Dzoljic, Bert Hilverda, Ms Marchien Holtrop LLM, Prof. Marian Jongmans and Ms Nicole Maarsen MRE. 

ARQ Supervisory Board
(left to right) Ms Marchien Holtrop LLM, Bert Hilverda, Ms Khadija Arib, Prof. Misa Dzoljic, Prof. Marian Jongmans and Ms Nicole Maarsen MRE

Whistleblower scheme    

The Whistleblower scheme provides possibilities and protection if you wish to report any wrongdoing relating to the organisation. Practices are deemed wrongdoing if the public interest is at stake, such as a risk or imminent risk to public health or the safety of persons, or deliberately misinforming public bodies. The whistleblower scheme states to whom the different reports should be made. Please see Downloads for regulations.

Anyone who has a suggestion for us or a complaint about ARQ and its services is invited to contact us via e-mail.