The Organisation


All psychotrauma expertise under one roof

ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre helps people, organisations, and societies minimise the psychosocial impact of disturbing events. ARQ consists of two large organisations and several departments. Combining them makes all the psychotrauma knowledge and expertise available under one roof.  

ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre was founded in 2007 in the Netherlands, evolving from Stichting Centrum'45. Subsidiary ARQ IVP was added in 2008. Over the years, the group has expanded, based on the belief that intensive cooperation is extremely important to support, knowledge sharing and prevention, for patients and clients as well as institutions. Building on knowledge and experience gained since World War II, we have become the leading institute in the field of psychotrauma.

Intensive cooperation in psychotrauma  

All ARQ units are concerned, each in their own field and in their own way, with the prevention and/or consequences of traumatic events (such as PTSS). Collaboration in ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre allows new scientific insights to be applied to prevent and treat psychotrauma.  

ARQ subsidiaries 


  • ARQ Centrum'45 - provides highly specialised diagnostics and treatment in the Netherlands 
  • ARQ IVP - psychosocial support before, during and after traumatic events at work in the Netherlands 
  • ARQ Diagnostic Centre - specialist research and independent advice in the Netherlands 
  • ARQ Academy - ARQ training institute  
  • ARQ International - psychosocial support for people affected by war and humanitarian disasters in low- and middle-income countries 

Centres of Expertise 

  • ARQ Centre of Expertise for the Impact of Disasters and Crises - knowledge leader in the field of psychosocial support in the event of disasters and crises 
  • ARQ Centre of Expertise for War, Persecution and Violence - more knowledge on the impact of war  
  • ARQ Centre of Expertise for Traumatic Grief - more knowledge on psychosocial support after loss 
  • ARQ Centre of Expertise for Migration - more knowledge on psychosocial support for refugees, (former) asylum seekers and migrants 
  • ARQ Centre of Expertise for Child, Family and Psychotrauma - more knowledge on the diagnosis and treatment of children aged 0-23 and their families 

ARQ Partners 

  • Stichting 1940 -1945 - representation of interests of for World War 2 victims. 
  • Stichting Pelita - representation of interests of people with a background in the former Dutch East Indies and Indonesia 

ARQ facilitates and directs 

It is important that knowledge concerning traumatic events and psychotrauma care is further developed, recorded and shared as effectively as possible. ARQ has two roles in this:  

  • ARQ brings together the specialisms of all its units and departments, facilitating the creation of added value.    
  • ARQ acts as initiator, director, and instigator in the field, with fellow institutes, researchers and universities, care providers in the supply chain, and policymakers at regional and national levels. Both nationally and internationally.