Prevention and Consultation


Psychosocial support for professionals and organisations

In high-risk organisations as in the public sector professionals are more frequently exposed to work-related stressful or distressing events. They are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and burn-out. Keeping their resilience at a high level is key to a healthy level of functioning. This lies at the heart of what ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre is about.

ARQ supports professionals and their organisations in the Netherlands before, during and after distressing events and crises. We do this by addressing and promoting resilience, teaching self-reliance and providing training, psychosocial support and advice regarding how to minimize the impact of these events from an organisational point of view. In the Netherlands we are a leader in knowledge in the field of psychosocial care. Our services have been designed to address each phase of a distressing incident or crisis:

  1. Anticipating a crisis or distressing event
  2. Preventing mental health problems for high risk professions
  3. Acute emergency response
  4. Psychosocial support after a crisis or distressing event


Anticipating a crisis or distressing event

Crises or distressing events create stress reactions. These are normal reactions to abnormal circumstances. Our research has shown that most people are very resilient and able to cope with shocking events if they get support and recognition from family, friends and colleagues. So it is important for high-risk organisations to put a psychosocial support structure and emergency policy in place to support those affected. ARQ provides advisory services and trainings to help organisations implement these.


Preventing mental health problems for high risk professions

We believe active monitoring after a potentially traumatic event is required, also known as ‘Watchful Waiting’. It allows for some time to pass to avoid overtreatment. With our online screening instruments we enable employees to monitor their symptoms and identify if they need help. We also offer employees preventive mental check-up sessions with a psychologist as well as several trainings like stress management.


Acute emergency response

The earlier mentioned incompany psychosocial support structure and emergency policy respond to disasters or distressing events and provide psychological first aid. ARQ can provide an additional flexible layer for further response to any emergencies as needed. This could comprise organisational and expert advisory services related to the incident or crisis as well as acute social support for employees, individually or in groups.


Psychosocial support after a crisis or distressing event

We specialise in PTSD treatment and care as well as other trauma or stress related complaints due to work related distressing incidents. Next to PTSD treatment and care we provide post incident psychosocial support sessions for employees, individually or in groups. We do this as little as possible and as much as necessary. Our care is aimed at improving your employees' mental health and rapid re-establishment of normal functioning.


Guidelines and toolkits

Next to these services ARQ develops policy documents such as guidelines and practical toolkits. These are used by organisations and emergency workers in the Netherlands who are involved in crises, distressing incidents or care for those affected. For example we have developed a toolkit for Dutch municipal health services to promote psychosocial support after disasters. 


Do you need any further information or are you interested in our services for your organisation? Please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by e-mail at We are happy to assist you.