ARQ Book Series


Knowledge sharing through theses, orations, and books

All the knowledge and expertise on psychotrauma is available under one roof at ARQ. Our enthusiastic researchers and practitioners work intensively together on new developments, with each other and with other national and international organisations. This enables us to help people, organisations, and societies minimise the psychosocial impact of disturbing events. We disseminate part of our knowledge through the ARQ book series: a collection of theses, orations, and books on psychotrauma. 

All theses: 

  • Thesis Merel van Herpen (2022) - Context Matters, Understanding and Providing Psychosocial Support after Potentially Traumatic Events  

  • Thesis Carlijn van Es (2022) - Circles of care, Supporting Refugee Families, Children and Adolescents 

  • Thesis Manik Djelantik (2020) - Toward an integrated understanding of traumatic grief. 

  • Thesis Jeannette Lely (2019) - Treating trauma-related disorders in later life. 

  • Thesis Michel Dückers (2019) - On the relativity of the mental health consequenses of disasters. 

  • Thesis Hans Rohlof (2018) - Psychodiagnostic assessment with refugees. Studies on the Cultural Formulation Interview and Somatization. 

  • Thesis Juul Gouweloos - Trines (2018) - Supporting civilians and professionals after crises. Implications for psychosocial care. 

  • Thesis Marieke Sleijpen (2017) - Crossing borders: Trauma and resilience in young refugees. 

  • Thesis Joris Haagen (2017) - Setting the stage for recovery: Improving veteran PTSD treatment effectiveness using statistical prediction. 

  • Thesis Jackie June ter Heide (2015) - An eye for complexity: EMDR versus stabilisation in traumatised refugees. 

All orations: