ARQ celebrates its 50th anniversary!

We have been caring for people with complex psychotrauma symptoms since 1973

  • 50 years of caring for people with psychotrauma symptoms  
  • 50 years of knowledge of psychotrauma 
  • 50 years of connectedness 

How did this connectedness come about?  

After the Second World War, one thought prevailed: 'Never again'. People went in search of maximum solidarity to help each other in anxious times. It marked the beginning of a European community of nations. The founding of Centrum'45 in 1973 was another sign of this post-war connectedness. The centre offered space and respect to people who still carried the burden of war many years after liberation. Resistance fighters. Concentration camp survivors. From that same sense of connectedness, ARQ later welcomed other groups and victims from society. Not aid from an ivory tower, thinking they knew better, but looking for ways to support people together. The ties with science were also strengthened. This way, they gained new insights and improved the foundation of treatments. This connectedness and interaction between practitioners, patients and scientists form the basis for developing and improving treatment methods by ARQ in 2023. It also enables us to share insights on prevention.  


Connecting is a central concept for bringing a person out of isolation. It is about establishing a relationship with the other person. You must be willing to make yourself small to give the other person space and respect. People with severe trauma sometimes literally live in isolation. Especially with respect to their inner life. Through space, warmth and connection, you can make contact with people who have sometimes lived in isolation for years.  

Connectedness not only characterises the relationship between the ARQ practitioner and the person with trauma seeking help. ARQ is also connected to families with a severe mental burden, because of a traumatised parent or because they are fleeing war and violence. A sense of connectedness also occurs in societies when they are affected by a disaster. For example, the MH-17 disaster, a flood or an earthquake.  

Much has changed in the past 50 years. But one thing has remained important: Connectedness. Then, now & in the future 

Celebrating 50 years 

In 2023, we will celebrate this connectedness on several occasions. 

Please keep 28 and 29 September free for our international conference: Trauma, crisis and conflict: connecting research and practice. Two days of sharing knowledge and discussing the importance of recognizing, preventing and treating the consequences of trauma, crises and conflict in a globally connected world.  

More information on the programme and registration is available on our special conference website.  

Publication date

Publication date
28 02 2023