New Intervention issue online (22-1)

January - June 2024

Intervention just launched its newest issue, packed with great insights from the field of humanitarian affairs and Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

New Intervention issue online

Are you curious to find out how to adapt peer support for diverse refugee resettlement settings? What the challenges and opportunities there are in establishing MHPSS hotlines in Afghanistan? And what can the rich world learn from MHPSS offered to children in low-income settings? 

Our latest issue offers a wide range of field reports, articles and personal reflections, presenting MHPSS research and insights from Peru to the Uyghur diaspora. Intervention is grateful to continuously collaborate with researchers and field workers worldwide to map ongoing trends and insights. Through this, we hope to enhance the reach of timely and relevant knowledge for practitioners in complex settings affected by disaster or conflict.


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