Social Reconstruction and MHPSS in Ukraine

Intervention webinar on 5 Dec 2023

Intervention journal is excited to invite you for a thought-provoking webinar during which experts will engage in a discussion on the intersection between Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and social reconstruction (or peacebuilding) efforts in humanitarian context. The discussion will have a specific focus on Ukraine.

ARQ Peacebuilding and MHPSS expert Relinde Reiffers will facilitate the Zoom webinar, which takes place on Tuesday, 5 December 2023, from 13:30-15:00 CET. You can secure your spot by registering and joining us in unravelling the complexities of integrating MHPSS and social reconstruction in the humanitarian landscape with a special lens on Ukraine.

Webinar on Social Reconstruction and MHPSS

In this engaging session, we will explore the collaborative efforts between MHPSS and social reconstruction, using Intervention publications as a guiding framework. ARQ Peacebuilding and MHPSS expert, Megan Bahmad, will set the stage for the discussions by giving an overview on the synergies, developments and challenges regarding the two sectors.

Our primary question for discussion is:

‘How can we integrate MHPSS and social reconstruction efforts in the humanitarian work done in Ukraine?’

  • Insights from Intervention publications: Drawing on insightful Intervention publications, our panellists will provide insights into successful collaborative initiatives between MHPSS and social reconstruction efforts.
  • Focus on Ukraine: Given the current humanitarian challenges in Ukraine, we aim to address the strategies and approaches that can enhance the integration of MHPSS and social reconstruction efforts in the region.
  • Expert Panel: We are privileged to have a panel of experts, all authors who published in the most recent Intervention issue, with diverse backgrounds in MHPSS, social reconstruction, and humanitarian work. Their experiences and perspectives will contribute to a rich and comprehensive discussion.

Our expert panel 

This webinar is based on an article, field report and personal reflection, from the most recent Intervention issue of this year. The authors will reflect on their insights and key aspects concerning the integration of MHPSS efforts and social reconstruction in ongoing humanitarian work. 

Share your experiences during the open discussion

The last 30 minutes of the webinar will be an open discussion with the audience. We look forward to your participation and the unique insights you bring to this dynamic discussion. 


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